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Safe Place

What is a Safe Place?


Safe Place logo

A Safe Place is somewhere you can go for extra support when you are in town. It could be a shop, a library or a church.

You know somewhere is a Safe Place if you see the logo in the window.

What does a Safe Place need?

To become a Safe Place, there are a few things that are needed. 

The place needs to have: 

  • more than 2 staff
  • a quiet place to go when you are upset
  • a telephone
  • kind and friendly staff who have been trained about the Safe Places Scheme
  • the Safe Places sticker in the window
  • staff who have had Learning Disabilities Awareness Training

Why you might use a Safe Place

Safe Places can be used for many different reasons, you might use one if:

  • you lose your wallet or purse
  • you get lost
  • you feel unwell
  • you think you are being followed
  • someone is bothering you

Trained staff will help you get the support you need.

This might be ringing a doctor or the police. Staff can also support you to ring your family or carer. It means you will be safe until help arrives.

If you want to find out more about Safe Places in South Tyneside or want to become a Safe Place please email

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