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Integrating care in South Tyneside

Why do we want to integrate?

We have heard feedback, through things like our patient stories, that services do not always feel joined up, both within healthcare and across health and social care, with professionals not always communicating well between each other about individuals in their care.

People are finding that they have to "tell their story" to multiple professionals. Assessments and care planning are done separately, with records not being shared. Our local experience is generally in line with how things are working nationally.

The integration board

The Integration Board was set up in winter 2013 to help progress integration across health and social care, overseeing a number of different strands of work. The Board consists of representatives from the South Tyneside Partnership, which consists of the:

  • Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • The Council
  • South Tyneside Foundation Trust (FT)
  • Northumberland and Tyne and Wear Mental Health Foundation Trust (NTW)
  • Third sector
  • Healthwatch

The Board currently meets fortnightly though this is expected to move to monthly. The Integration Board has Terms of Reference and it is responsible for oversight of the integration agenda across the borough. It reports to the Health and Well Being Board.

The vision

The Integration Board developed the following person-centred vision and principles to guide its work:

Our four transformation workstreams and the Better Care Fund

The four strands of work which were originally brought together under the Integration Board are:

  • integrated care services hub - Haven Court
  • pioneer programme
  • integrated community teams
  • urgent Care Hub
  • Change4Life

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