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Disclosure of CCTV images

CCTV images can be disclosed to:

  • Law enforcement agencies where the images recorded would assist in a specific criminal enquiry
  • Prosecution agencies
  • Relevant legal representatives
  • The media where it is decided that the public's assistance is needed in order to assist in the identification of victim, witness or perpetrator in relation to a criminal incident. As part of that decision, the wishes of the victim of an incident will be taken into account. In all cases of media disclosures for the purposes of this clause the police authority will have the sole discretion of disclosure.
  • People whose images have been recorded and retained (Images will not be disclosed in instances where disclosure to the individual would prejudice criminal enquiries or criminal proceedings, or in instances where an individual has been unable or unwilling to provide a time, place and date by which the data controller can conduct a data search. The data controller undertakes to search within one hour each way of the time supplied by the individual. In any instance where the individual making the request is unknown to the data controller then it is a requirement that the individual provides a suitable photograph of himself/herself so that an accurate identification of the individual can be made within the recorded data.).

How to apply to see an image

If you are the subject on the image, you must make your request to the Information Governance Team.

In dealing with the application for disclosure the designated manager will consider, prior to any disclosure, whether the images of third parties are held under a duty of confidence (First and Sixth Data Protection Principle). In this instance the identities of other individuals whose identifying features appear within the recorded data will have their images blurred so as to protect their identity. The data controller can make a charge should this editing be required. Details of these costs will be notified to the applicant once the data controller has completed a successful data search.

Please try and supply a map highlighting the exact location, description of person (with clothing or vehicles involved, including registrations), date and approximate time.

Half an hour prior to and after the times given will also be checked to avoid any discrepancies.

For further information on the procedures for making a request, see Subject access request


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