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Victims' Champion

The Council has a Victims' Champion dedicated to providing help and support to victims of anti-social behaviour.

What is a Victims' Champion?

The Victims' Champion is here to provide emotional and practical support to victims of anti-social behaviour.

How can the Victims' Champion help?

The Victims' Champion can provide:

  • someone to talk to, in confidence;
  • advice on the procedures and tools used to tackle anti-social behaviour;
  • information on who to report anti-social behaviour to;
  • what you can expect from agencies responsible for dealing with anti-social behaviour;
  • liaison with other organisations on your behalf, requesting updates where necessary;
  • information on other sources of help; and
  • support if you have to give evidence in Court.

Who can the Victims' Champion help?

The Victims' Champion can offer support to all victims of anti-social behaviour, particularly repeat or vulnerable victims.

When dealing with reports of anti-social behaviour, South Tyneside Homes' Anti-social Behaviour Unit will consider your individual support needs. This could include a referral to the Council's Victims' Champion.

How can I contact the Victims' Champion?

For more information, or if you are a victim of anti-social behaviour, contact 0191 424 6508 to speak to your Victims' Champion in confidence.

What do victims say?

Mrs R, from South Shields, a victim of anti-social behaviour said:

'Knowing that I've got someone to talk to who will listen to me and get back to me is brilliant. I feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel.'

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