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South Tyneside Region Equality Forum (STREF)

Chair: Yusef Abdulla

Vice Chair: Paul Freeman

Secretary:  Amanda Thompson


The aims of the Forum are:

a) To work towards the elimination of all discrimination in the Borough of South Tyneside and promote tolerance and understanding within the community for all citizens regardless of age, race, religious belief, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation or disability.

b) To address the problem of social disadvantage and exclusion within the whole community of the Borough of South Tyneside.

c) To promote good citizenship, reduce social isolation and develop a good sense of community spirit within the wider community of the Borough of South Tyneside.

Constitution Of The South Tyneside Region Equality Forum (STREF)205.62KB

Responsibilities of Members40.67KB

Role of Chair29.76KB

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