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Community Area Forum Social Scheme 2019/20

How to apply

The 2019/20 grant scheme is now open for applications. 

To apply:  

  1. Read the 5774 CAF Grant OPERATING PROCEDURES 2019-2070.61KB
  2. Complete the CAF Grant application form 2019-2096.57KB
  3. Scan and email to the form and any supporting information to, or post the form and supporting information to; Angi Rimington, Community Resource and External Funding Officer, South Tyneside MBC, Town Hall and Civic Offices, Westoe Road, South Shields, NE33 2RL

Please check that all sections of the form have been completed and all other requested information / documents have been provided.  Incomplete applications will delay your application being considered.

For further information please contact Angi Rimington on 0191 424 7576 or email



What is the Community Area Forum Social Scheme?

The Community Area Forum Social Scheme supports small-scale locally important social projects which contribute towards the partnership aims, set out in the new South Tyneside Plan. The 2019/20 grant scheme has £154,000 available divided between the five CAF areas with applications being presented to and considered by the local Community Area Forums.  The aims and objectives are;

  • to fund projects which are a high priority in local terms, but which cannot be funded from other mainstream or borough wide sources
  • to help local voluntary and community organisations to develop and extend their activities for the benefit of disadvantaged groups
  • to stimulate self-help within the community, develop a community spirit and enhance local pride within the borough generally
  • to undertake small scale, locally important improvements and projects which deliver at a local level

All groups must make a financial contribution towards the total cost of their project, and provide receipts once the project is complete.

Who can apply?

The CAF grant scheme is open to all local community/voluntary groups operating in South Tyneside.  Groups should have a constitution and a bank account in the name of their group.

Please note that individuals, businesses and other public bodies (except schools) are not eligible for funding from the CAF grant scheme. 

Before applying for funding

The CAF grant scheme is a 'last resort' and we strongly advise that groups wishing to purchase equipment or seeking a grant of more than £500 apply for funding from before making an application to the CAF grant scheme. 

Before making an application to the CAF grant scheme seeking over £500 or to purchase equipment, please also search for funding at 

Applicants must make sure that:

  • their application refers to one project only i.e. not an outing and equipment
  • any grant they are awarded is spent within South Tyneside
  • their group is making a financial contribution towards the total cost
  • any receipts for any previous grants have been provided
  • applications to purchase equipment include a quote from a local (South Tyneside) supplier
  • all publicity regarding the funded project promotes the Council's financial support
  • applications are received at least 8 weeks before the start date of their project
  • applications are made before the end of December 2019
  • applications for community events include an event plan
  • room hire is included as an in kind contribution
  • shortfalls in spend are taken from the grant awarded rather than the contribution from the recipient

Applicants must not apply for funding for:

  • new posts (due to sustainability)
  • religious or political activity
  • work that is a statutory responsibility of a local or central government or legal responsibility of a statutory body responsibility of local or central government or legal responsibility of a statutory body
  • costs that have already incurred
  • items which will be used or stored at a property registered as a domestic dwelling
  • shopping trips outside of South Tyneside
  • projects with start dates within 8 weeks from the date the application form is submitted
  • events/festivals that are already receiving financial or in-kind support from the Council
  • alcohol and gifts for individuals

Applications from other public bodies (except schools), businesses and individuals are not eligible for funding.

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