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Fostering and adoption

Fostering and adoption in South Tyneside

We try to keep children in their own families, near their friends, when we can do this safely. Sometimes this is not possible, and we work to provide children with safe, secure and loving carers. For most children who cannot live with their own families, the best solution is for them to live with foster carers, and then move towards adoption.

You can phone us on 0191 423 8500 for an informal and down to earth chat, or email us at 

Our Fostering and Adoption team is one of the best in the country and will support you through the whole process.

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We're working to give the children of South Tyneside the best start in life.

Find out about our wide range of services for children and families. We want to build safer and stronger families, provide increased opportunities for enterprise learning and skills within healthier communities.

The best start in life

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