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Search historical births, deaths and marriages records

This database contains records from 1837 to 2008.

If you are looking for a record that is not in this database: 

  • Due to boundary changes over the years, older information may be held in neighbouring registers. For full details of what records we hold, see areas and dates covered.
  • If you are looking for a record from after 2008, please email us with details of your search. If we can find the record, you will be able to order a certificate.
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  6. Get a copy of this certificate

    To request a copy of this certificate, you can currently only pay by post using a cheque. Fill in your details on screen, print a copy of this application form and send it to us with your payment.

    Send a query

    If you are unsure that this is the certificate you want, you can:

    • Contact us. For more information, see Register Office.
    • Search again - use the button above to go to the previous page and try a wider search. Maybe search for last name only, or a wider date range.


    Please refer to the full list of Register Office fees for more information.


    South Tyneside Register Office
    10 Broughton Road
    South Shields
    NE33 2RN

    Guidance notes

    Post this request (please make sure you have completed it fully) with a cheque.

    If you are ordering more than one certificate please make out a separate cheque for each request. If one request is unsuccessful we need only return the cheque for that search and issue on the remaining.

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