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Civil partnerships

Same sex couples can obtain legal recognition of their relationship through a civil partnership.

Couples who form a civil partnership have a new legal status, that of 'civil partner'.

Change your civil partnership into a marriage

To change your civil partnership into a marriage please ring 0191 424 6350 to book an appointment with the Register Office who will advise of current fees.

The conversion process will not be a marriage ceremony. However non statutory ceremonies are available if you wish to celebrate, please see our Marriage fees page.

Giving notice of the civil partnership

  • To form a civil partnership a couple must first enter notice of their intention to register.
  • Before entering a notice each of the couple need to have a seven day residential qualification and to give notice in the area where they live prior to the formation of their civil partnership.
  • The couple must be of the same sex, over 18 (or provide evidence of consent if over 16), not related to each other within the prohibited degrees of relationship and not in an existing marriage or civil partnership in order to enter into a civil partnership.
  • There is be a 28 day waiting period once notice of intention to register has been given, before the formation can take place.
  • The civil partnership is formed once the couple have signed a schedule in the presence of a registration officer and two witnesses.


There is no requirement for a ceremony as part of the legal process of forming a civil partnership, in South Tyneside we will be delighted to offer a ceremony if required.

Civil partnerships can be formed in either a Register Office or at an approved licensed venue.


There is a statutory fee for:

  • Giving the notice of partnership
  • The formation of the partnership at the register office
  • The formation of the partnership at an approved venue
  • The partnership certificate

For a full list of prices on any of the above, please see Register Office fees.

If you would like to make a provisional booking or if you have any questions please contact the Register Office on 0191 424 6350.

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