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Birth certificate copy

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You can request a copy (or copies) of a Birth Certificate from South Tyneside Register Office by completing this form.

Birth Certificate Copy form

You can request either a Full or Short Certificate:

A Full Birth Certificate registered before 1st April 1969 includes the child's name, date and place of birth, father's name and occupation, mother's name and maiden name. Full birth certificates registered from 1st April 1969 include the above information and both parents' place of birth. From 1st April 1995 the mother's occupation is also included.

A Short Birth Certificate shows only name, sex, place and date of birth. No parent details are shown.

Fees and payment

There is a fee payable for ordering certificates.

Please refer to the full list of Register Office fees for more information.

Steps to complete this form
Enter your details
Enter the Birth Details
Items you will need to complete this form
Full Name at Birth
Place of Birth
Date of Birth

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