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Running tracks at Monkton Stadium

Monkton Stadium has an 8 lane, 400 metre, synthetic outdoor competition track; a 6 lane, 400 metre Dolomite outdoor training track and a 4 lane, 60 metre indoor sprint track.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Face coverings

Please wear a face covering when entering a leisure centre. You can remove the face covering when using the facilities.

For government guidance and information about who is exempt, see government guidance on face coverings.

Visiting a leisure centre

To visit, you must book a session over the phone.

Our phone lines have been very busy, we are sorry if you're having trouble getting through. We are doing our best to answer all calls. There are plenty of spaces available to book.

Visiting and booking information

From Monday 26 October 2020, the running tracks will be open for affiliated clubs only (no public access). 

When using the tracks, please follow this advice: 

  • Follow venue advice for changing, toilet facilities and follow signage for entrance and exit points to the track and field.
  • Use hand sanitiser or wipes that are available for use at the entrance and exit to track and field.
  • Follow coaches' advice for meeting places prior to entry to track and field, minimise encounters between people, including car parks and at entrances.
  • Consider social distancing at appropriate points, such as the entry and exit gates.
  • Athletes should ideally bring their own equipment. Where shared equipment is used, this must be cleaned before and after use with a clear protocol, appropriate cleaning wipes and sprays in place.
  • General spectators should be discouraged from attending club training sessions with the aim of keeping total attendee numbers low.
  • All coaches, leaders, athletes, and runners should ensure they have followed government hygiene rules including washing hands and cleaning any equipment prior to use.
  • All coaches, leaders, athletes, and runners must follow any hygiene guidance put in place by a facility.
  • Coaches, leaders, athletes, and runners should ensure they maintain social distancing appropriate for the activity.
  • Equipment can be used by a coach and athlete provided the equipment is thoroughly cleaned according to guidance before and after each session.
  • Coaches should ensure they maintain social distancing at all times as well as maintain social distancing from any other coaches and athletes using adjacent space.
  • Athletes follow hygiene guidelines for cleaning hands prior to any training starting.
  • Coaches and athletes should ensure all equipment is used by one athlete and then thoroughly cleaned according to guidance before and after each session.

All images are courtesy of Jane Massey.


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