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Bookstart gifts free packs of books to every child in the UK to inspire and create a love of reading that will give children a flying start in life and most of all, show that books are fun.

Types of packs

Bookstart Baby packs are gifted by Health Visitors as part of the baby's 6 - 8 weeks old health check.

Treasure packs are gifted through nurseries to children aged 3 - 4 years who are starting reception at the age of 4.

If your child has not received a Bookstart Baby pack by the time they turn 1, or the Bookstart Treasure pack before they turn 5, please contact your local library.

Find out more about Bookstart Baby and Treasure packs

Bookstart activities

South Tyneside Libraries offer Early Years activities for children aged 5 and under, including:

For all the regular weekly activities please see Children's library activities

Bookstart Bear Club

Children aged 5 and under can join the Bookstart Bear Club at all our libraries.

Children collect bear paw print stamps in their Bookstart Club passport to borrow books and attend activities. After six stamps, children will receive a certificate. There are 10 certificates to collect.

More information

For further information about Bookstart please see BookTrust


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