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Haven Point Pool Safety Code

Bank holiday opening times

On Monday 27 May 2019, Haven Point's opening times will be:

  • Reception: 6.15am to 4pm
  • Gym: 6.15am to 3.30pm
  • Main pool: 7.30am to 3pm
  • Teaching pool and leisure waters: 9am to 3pm
  • For fitness class times, see fitness classes at Haven Point

    1. Ready for exercise

    • Take advice from your doctor if you have heart trouble or other medical conditions such as Epilepsy, Diabetes or Asthma and notify staff if you suffer from any of these conditions.
    • Don't swim straight after a meal or if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • For extra safety swim with a companion.
    • Only swim within your limits.
    • Weak or non-swimmers must remain within their standing depth of water.

    2. Follow the rules

    • Look out for safety notices around the pool areas.
    • Always follow the Lifeguard's instructions.

    3. Pool awareness

    Be aware of the pool environment, for example:

    • Check water depths and how the pool slopes. Customers should be aware that water depths will vary in the Main Pool and Teaching Pool due to a moveable pool floor and therefore should always check the water depths.
    • Pool surrounds can become slippery - don't run on them.

    4. Be sensible

    • Boisterous behaviour, ducking and bombing can be dangerous.
    • Avoid holding your breath.
    • Don't attempt long distances under the water.
    • Always avoid shouting as it can distract others in an emergency.

    5. Child Admission Policy

    Children under 8 years old MUST be accompanied in the water by a person aged 16 years or over and this person should be responsible and competent to ensure the safety and wellbeing of any child in their care.

    Our adult to child swimming ratios are:

    • Children aged 0 to 4 years - 1 adult : 1 child
    • Children aged 5 to 7 years - 1 adult : 2 children
    • Children aged 8 years + - No supervision needed
    • Children under supervision who are weak or non-swimmers must remain in shallow water at all times and in close proximity to the adult accompanying them.

    6. Play equipment and water features

    • During certain periods, inflatable play equipment and water features are present in the pool. When using this equipment be sensible, safe and follow instructions given by Lifeguards.
    • Snorkels, face-masks and flippers are not permitted during public sessions.

    Poolside jacuzzi

    • Children under eight years must be under adult supervision when using the poolside jacuzzi.

    7. Diving and jumping in the pools during public sessions


    • There is no diving in the Leisure or Teaching Pools.
    • Diving is permitted in the Main Pool into water depths of 1.5m and above. Customers should be aware that water depths will vary in the Main Pool due to a moveable pool floor and should therefore always check the water depths.
    • No diving from the raised poolside section of the Main Pool.

    Jumping (feet first entries)

    • No jumping into the leisure pool.
    • Jumping into the Main Pool and Teaching Pool is permitted where the water depth is 1.0m and above.
    • No jumping from the raised poolside section of the Main Pool.
    • No running jumps.

    8. Swimwear

    • Only appropriate swimwear is permitted.
    • In exceptional circumstances, items of clothing may be permitted at the discretion and approval of the pool management.

    9. Hygiene

    • All users should shower before entering the pool.

    10. Help the Lifeguards

    • Always be aware of others in the pool and watch for children and non-swimmers.
    • Attract the attention of Lifeguards if you think someone is in difficulty and assist whenever possible by remaining calm and following instructions given to you.

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