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How to find a home

Your main choices when finding a home:

  • Council housing
  • Housing associations
  • Private housing

Council housing

Council housing in South Tyneside is managed by South Tyneside Homes. For information on how to apply, see Apply for housing.

Housing associations

Housing associations and Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) are committed to providing affordable housing for rent and low cost home ownership.

You can apply directly to housing associations and RSLs for housing.

See a list of local Housing associations.

Private housing

Properties in the private rental sector are advertised in local newspapers, letting agents and estate agents.

With private housing, you are expected to pay a bond or deposit, and sometimes provide references. You will be normally offered a six month short-term assured tenancy, with an option to extend this at the end of the period.

In South Tyneside there is a Good Tenants Scheme, which can help to reduce the up front costs for someone who wants to rent a property from a private landlord in the form a £500 bond guarantee, see .

For more information about the private rented sector, see Private housing.

Need help or advice?

The South Tyneside Homes Homefinder Service can help with:

  • general housing and application advice
  • assistance for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • mutual exchange
  • dedicated Young Persons Advisor
  • advice and guidance on private rentals
  • and more

See South Tyneside Homes: Homefinder Service.

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