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Private renting - Landlord responsibilities

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Private sector landlords must make sure that there is a smoke alarm fitted on each floor of their rented properties.

If you have a solid fuel fire (a coal fire or wood burning stove) the landlord must also fit a carbon monoxide detector.

If your rented property isn't fitted with a smoke alarm or a carbon monoxide alarm then contact your landlord.

How can the Council help?

If you have contacted your landlord and he / she still doesn't fit the alarm, you can call the South Tyneside Council Contact Centre (0191 427 7000), we will take your details along with the contact details of the landlord.

We will then write to the landlord giving him / her 28 days to fit the necessary alarms.

We will then contact you 30 days later to see if the alarm has been fitted. If it hasn't then we will make an appointment to visit to confirm and we will then fit an alarm and fine the landlord.

You can view the The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (2015) Regulations 2015

Your landlord wants possession of the property

If you have recently been given a Section 21 Notice (a Notice of Intended Possession) then the law has changed and to check that your landlord has done things properly you may wish to read the information at Shelter: advice for private tenants.

If you think your landlord is not doing things properly then then please ring South Tyneside Council Contact Centre (0191 427 7000). We will take your details and contact details for your landlord.

A Council officer will then contact your landlord to explain the rules they must follow and if you do not want to leave the property the officer will try and find a way for you to remain there.

Improvement and repairs

For information about improvements and repairs to your private rented property, see Private housing: Improvements and repairs

Landlord licences

If you are a landlord in South Tyneside and you rent out houses in multiple occupation, you will need a licence. Find out more about Houses in multiple occupation licence.

We are consulting on a proposed Selective Licensing scheme. If you are a private landlord, you may need a Selective Licence. Find out more about the Selective Licensing scheme.

Electrical safety standards

New electrical safety regulations for landlords in the private rented sector come into force from Wednesday 1 July 2020.

Find out more at electrical safety standards in the private rented sector

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