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What can the council tell a landlord?

The Data Protection Act requires that we protect client confidentiality.

By law we are not allowed to tell landlords or agents any details concerning the personal circumstances of a claimant.

If payment is being made to the landlord or we have a signed declaration regarding ' sharing information with your landlord' we will be able to confirm only the following points with the landlord.

  • That direct payment is being made
  • The start date and/or end date of the award
  • The amount of entitlement (but not how it is calculated)
  • The reduced amount of award should there be a recovery of an overpayment
  • Changes in the amount of housing benefit awarded
  • The method and frequency of payment

Payments will generally be made direct to the claimant.

We would therefore recommend the declaration regarding ' sharing information with your landlord' be completed to help us deal with the claim more quickly and reduce the risk of rent arrears due to the claim being delayed. 

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