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Scrap metal dealers

To be a scrap metal dealer in South Tyneside, you need to register with South Tyneside Council. If you collect scrap metal in other council areas, you will also need a licence with them.

Changes to scrap metal licences

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 has now been replaced by the The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. The new act came into force on 1 October 2013 and requires anyone who operates a site or collects scrap metal to hold a licence.  

Existing licences

If you were registered with South Tyneside Council before 1 October 2013 you are permitted to continue dealing in scrap metal until 15 October 2013, by which time you must have submitted an application to the Council for a new licence. 

If you have submitted a completed application form including:

  • the correct fee for the licence
  • basic disclosure and Basic Disclosure UK Gov
  • two forms of ID (passport, driving licence, utility bill or bank statement)

you will be permitted to continue to deal in scrap metal until your application has been dealt with.

New licences

If you were not registered before 1 October 2013 you can apply for a new licence but cannot deal in scrap metal in South Tyneside until a licence has been granted to you. You can download the application form and list of fees below.

Eligibility criteria

A scrap metal dealer shall be classed as carrying on a business in South Tyneside if any of the following apply:

  • the person has a site in South Tyneside where he deals in scrap metal
  • the person randomly collects scrap metal in South Tyneside

Application evaluation process

Applicants must provide the following:

  • Their full name
  • The address of the dealer, or in the case of a company, their registered or principal office
  • The address of each place occupied as a scrap metal store
  • Basic criminal disclosure
  • Scrap metal dealers fee

The registered dealer must notify the council of any changes to these details or if they cease to be a scrap metal dealer.

How long will it take to process my application?

If your application is successful and we have received all of the necessary documentation, your application will be processed within ten working days.

Will tacit consent apply if I haven't heard back from you?

No tacit consent does not apply. Checks must be carried out before a licence can be issued and therefore tacit consent cannot apply.

How do I appeal if my application isn't approved?

Please contact South Tyneside Council in the first instance.

How do I appeal against the conditions of my licence?

Please contact South Tyneside Council Licensing Team in the first instance on 0191 424 7695 or by emailing

Consumer complaints

If you have a complaint, we advise that you contact the trader, preferably in the form a letter (with proof of delivery).

If that has not worked, if you are located in the UK, Consumer Direct will give you advice.

From outside the UK, contact the UK European Consumer Centre.

South Tyneside Council Register of Scrap Metal Dealers 2013

Collectors Licences Granted

NameLicence TypeAddressPhone numberDate IssuedPermit NumberLicence Expiry
David SmithCollector

86 Station Road,

Bill Quay. NE10 0UH

0191 4380577


Melvin CooleyCollector

17 George Smith Gardens, Gateshead. NE10 0EL

Michael HagueCollector


Eric NicholsonCollector



George NelsonCollector

15 Shelley Avenue

Houghton le Spring DH5 0NU

0191 6806360


Glyn StubbsCollector

17 Bedale Street

Hetton le Hole DH5 0BW

0191 4525494


Robert LawsonCollector

15 Eglinton Tower

Sunderland. SR5 1DQ

Stephen BorrowdaleCollector

16 Coniston Terrace

Winlaton. NE21 6PY

Neil BennettCollector20 Station Road, Hetton le Hole. DH5 0AXNone14/11/20162016-19-0730/11/2019
Arthur FergusonCollector

13 Larkswood, Cheshire Grove

South Shields. NE34 7HU

Gavin WattsCollector

65 Bright Street

Sunderland. SR6 0JH

0191 5144395


Gary MillenCollector

35 Edinburgh Road

Jarrow. NE32 4AX

0191 4211288


Scott W AllenCollector56 Balmoral Crescent, Houghton le Spring. DH5 8HQ0773291306330/11/20162017-20-0907/01/2020
Norman D RobsonCollector

45 Rhodesia Road

Sunderland. SR5 5NB

0191 5512495


Michael HeathCollector



Vincent YoungCollectorNoneNone27/03/20172017-20-1526/03/2020
David StraffordCollector17 Carnegie Close, South Shields, NE34 8JZ0797124823914/11/20162016-19-0613/11/2019
Francis WilkinsonCollectorNoneNone22/11/20172017-20-1821/11/2020
Kevin TiernanCollectorNoneNone29/11/20172017-20-1928/11/2020
Darren RobertsCollectorNoneNone12/02/20182018-21-2011/02/2021
David NixonCollectorNoneNone11/07/20182018-21-2110/07/2021
Anthony McAlindonCollectorNoneNone31/07/20182018-21-2230/07/2021

Site Licences Granted

NameLicence TypeDate IssuedPermit NumberLicence Expiry
Neil Sweeting (Temple Town Autos)Site03/12/20132016-19-S00130/11/2019
Robert Sweeting (Temple Town Autos)Site03/12/20132016-19-S00130/11/2019
Christopher Sheppard (European Metal Recycling)Site07/01/20142017-20-S00206/01/2020
Robin Sheppard (European Metal Recycling)Site07/01/20142017-20-S00206/01/2020
Edward Pysden (European Metal Recycling)Site07/01/20142017-20-S00206/01/2020
David Nevins (European Metal Recycling)Site07/01/20142017-20-S00206/01/2020
Andrew Sheppard (European Metal Recycling)Site07/01/20142017-20-S00206/01/2020
Colin Iles (European Metal Recycling)Site07/01/20142017-20-S00206/01/2020
David Heslop (DH Metals Ltd)Site16/02/20182018-21-S00315/02/2021
Karen Heslop (Scrap My Car North East Ltd)Site10/04/20192019-22-S00409/04/2022

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