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Taxi ranks

Stands for hackney carriages

The council is empowered to appoint stands for hackney carriages in South Tyneside.

The council can appoint stands for the whole or any part of the day on any highway, which is maintainable at the public expense, and on private land with the consent of the owner of the land.

The council must give public notice of any proposals to establish or change stands and to consider any representations received as a result.

Private hire operators

A private hire operator's licence is required to enable a person to accept or invite bookings for private hire vehicles.

A private hire vehicle is defined as being a motor vehicle with eight or less passenger seats which is provided for hire with the services of a driver for the purpose of carrying passengers.

An operator must operate from premises situated within South Tyneside. Those premises must have planning consent for use as a private hire office.

Customers make initial contact with the operator by telephoning or by visiting the premises or via other electronic means in order to book a vehicle. Once a booking is accepted by the operator a contract is made to provide a vehicle. It is unlawful for a private hire driver to accept any bookings unless he works for a private hire operator licensed by the Council.

Procedure when determining an application for a licence to operate private hire vehicles

Applicants are advised to obtain planning consent for the premises prior to submitting the application for a new operator's licence.

New application

  • Application form completed - Private Operator Application119KB
  • Premises identified by applicant
  • If applicant not a licensed driver with South Tyneside Council DBS Disclosure certificate (basic disclosure) is required for each partner/director which must be no more than 1 month old from the date of the application
  • If informal advice is requested then officers from licensing, planning, engineers/highways may visit the site
  • Number of vehicles to be operated may be discussed by applicant and officers having regard to parking spaces, traffic issues, nuisance to adjacent premises etc.
  • Informal advice then given to operator regarding number of vehicles likely to be approved
  • Application for operator's licence/fee submitted (if not already done so) - current application fees can be found at the end of the operators application form 
  • Application determined using 'fit and proper person' criteria
  • Operator licence/display licence issued

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