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Taxi licence

South Tyneside has over 550 hackney carriages and private hire vehicles licensed to work in South Tyneside.

Getting a taxi licence

Before a licence to drive hackney carriage or private hire vehicles is granted, the council must be satisfied that you are:

Applicants must also pass a knowledge test of the local area and conditions.

If you pass the locality test and meet the other criteria you can get a licence to drive Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles.


The fee is variable depending on the type and duration of the licence.

Due to legislation changes a licence can now be issued for three years or alternatively an annual licence is still available.


Before a vehicle is licensed it must pass an inspection similar to an MOT, and must meet certain criteria based on suitability laid down by the law and the local authority.

Licences are granted for six or twelve months depending on the age of the vehicle and work out at approximately £360 per year.

Right to work in the UK

The Home Office has made amendments to the Immigration Act which is intended to prevent illegal working in the hackney carriage and private hire trade.

Licensing Authorities have a legal responsibility to check that a person applying for a licence to drive hackney carriages and private hire vehicles or a licence to operate private hire vehicles is entitled to work in the UK.

The Council must carry out the checks on all applicants and must not discriminate against anyone. Checks must be made for both new applicants and existing licence holders (upon renewal).

To enable the Council to carry out these checks applicants are now required to produce identification upon application or renewal of their licence. The identification must be produced to the Licensing Section in person and must be original documentation. Photocopies will not be accepted. View Immigration Act 2016 acceptable ID Docs44.5KB.

Please note that a DVLA driving licence is not an acceptable document for the purpose of proving your right to work in the UK. Failure to produce the correct identification would mean that the Council were unable to proceed with the application.



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