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Proof of age scheme

Apply for your Proof of Age card

To apply for your CitizenCard, visit CitizenCard

To apply for your 18+ Validate UK Pass card visit ValidateUK

Proof of age cards help retailers to confirm the age of their young customers and help to restrict sales only to those legally entitled to purchase.

They also benefit the cardholder by saving those embarrassing moments that can happen if being refused sale of certain goods or services.

The card provided by Citizencard is also accepted worldwide as a means of photo-identification alongside passports and photo-driving licences.

Cards are regularly updated and free replacement cards are also provided.

Why do I need a proof of age card?

You need a proof of age card to:

  • prove you are old enough to buy age restricted goods or services eg cigarettes or cinema entry
  • prove you are young enough to still benefit from discounts available to young people eg public transport and leisure facilities

Many airlines, banks, shops and other places need to be sure of your identity or age.

Using a CitizenCard is voluntary, but it can make life much easier. Even if you have a passport or photo-driving licence, using a CitizenCard means you can leave the more valuable documents safe at home.

For virtually all domestic flights you will not be allowed on board without a CitizenCard, or passport or photo-driving licence.

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