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Fireworks sales


Report underage sales to us confidentially by calling our free hotline on 0800 093 5878, or you can: 

Report underage sales online

Fireworks (including sparklers) must not be supplied to anyone under 18.

Caps, party poppers, throwdowns and serpents can be sold to persons aged 16 and over.

The following fireworks must not be supplied to the general public:

  • Aerial shells, aerial maroons, shells-in mortar and maroons-in-mortar
  • Air bombs
  • All bangers (including 'batteries' containing bangers, such as Chinese Crackers)
  • Category 3 fireworks whose noise levels exceed 120 decibels
  • Mini Rockets
  • Fireworks with erratic flight (e.g. ground spinners, jumping crackers, squibs)
  • Fireworks intended for professional display use only
  • Boxes of fireworks intended to be sold together must not be split down and sold individually
  • All fireworks intended to be sold to the public must comply with BS 7114 and be marked accordingly
  • Packets of sparklers must carry the warning: WARNING: NOT TO BE GIVEN TO CHILDREN UNDER FIVE YEARS OF AGE

Failure to comply with the above requirements can result in prosecution and a fine of up to £5000 and/or six months imprisonment.

You must display a statutory notice if you sell fireworks (available from your local Trading Standards Department).

The storage of fireworks is also very important; premises that are used to store fireworks must be registered and licensed (Fire Brigade responsibility in Tyne & Wear).

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