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Starting a business: The entrepreneurial quality check

Research has shown that there are certain qualities commonly found among successful business people.

A typical entrepreneur will have the following key qualities:

Self-confidence - A self-belief and passion about your product or service - your enthusiasm should win people over to your ideas.

Self-determination - A belief that the outcome of events is down to your own actions, rather than based on external factors or other people's actions.

Being a self-starter - The ability to take the initiative, work independently and to develop your ideas.

Judgement - The ability to be open-minded when listening to other people's advice, while bearing in mind your objectives for the business.

Commitment - The willingness to make personal sacrifices through long hours and loss of leisure time.

Perseverance - The ability to continue despite setbacks, financial insecurity and exposure to risk.

Initiative - The ability to be resourceful and proactive, rather than adopting a passive 'wait and see' approach.

The business skills check

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