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Other waste

Abandoned vehicles

If you suspect that a vehicle has been abandoned on a public road or public open space the council may be able to remove it.

Report an abandoned vehicle


See Asbestos

Clinical waste

South Tyneside Council no longer offer a separate collection for sharps (needles). Please contact your District Nurse or healthcare professional who will be able to advise on their correct disposal.

Any other medical waste such as dressings, bandages, wipes etc. can be placed in your grey household bin. Please make sure these are bagged securely beforehand.

Commercial / industrial waste

The weighbridge at The Waste Transfer Station, Middlefields Depot is available for use by commercial and industrial businesses to dispose of their waste. The weighbridge is open all week 8am - 6pm and there is a charge for using the weighbridge.

All users wishing to use the Waste Transfer Station need to have a valid waste carrier's license from the Environment Agency, and you must bring a copy of the license along with you when you visit. You will also need to be inducted onto site when you visit for the first time. 

Please note that the site is not licensed to accept special waste or commercial electrical waste of any kind.

All users are required to wear hi-visibility clothing, hard hat all safety boots/shoes at all times when in the Waste Transfer Station building.

Hazardous waste

The Council does not offer a collection service for hazardous waste, such as:

  • Paints
  • Petrol
  • Car batteries
  • Solvents e.g. glue, white spirit
  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Oils e.g. engine oil, cooking oil, fuel oil
  • Prescription medicines

We will accept small quantities of hazardous waste from residents if it has come from their own domestic property. The hazardous waste storage container is located at Middlefields Waste transfer station and you will need to arrange a time to deliver the waste to us. Call the Contact Centre on 427 7000 for more information and advice.

When handling or transporting potentially dangerous materials take great care. If there is advice on handling the materials on the containers then you should follow this advice. Please make sure that all containers are sealed securely to prevent any spillage.

If you find hazardous or toxic waste in public places you should contact us immediately. Please make sure you have as much information as possible.

Junk mail

The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) is a free service which enables consumers to have their names removed from lists used by the advertising industry.

To found out more details about the scheme or to register free, please visit:

In South Tyneside alone, we estimate that we have to deal with over 2,000 tonnes of this type of waste each year.

You will benefit by not having to sift through the rubbish that comes through your letterbox and spend more time dealing with important things, like recycling!

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