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Commercial waste

Business waste collection

We offer a local waste collection service for local businesses.

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Business clearances

Whether you are moving office or updating furniture we can clear non-hazardous items from both office and business premises.

For a no-obligation quote ring 0191 427 7000.


About our business waste collection service

Commercial waste is waste from premises used for trade or business, or for the purpose of sport, recreation or entertainment. This includes any commercial activity you run from your home.

South Tyneside Council offers a local waste collection service for local businesses.

Your responsibilities

All businesses must make arrangements with a registered waste carrier for the disposal of waste that they generate. Waste removal is not part of business rates and it is illegal to dispose business waste in litter bins, household waste bins, public recycling sites or placed on the highway.

You need to store waste appropriately on your premises and ensure it is collected by a registered waste carrier. You need a Waste Transfer Note for all of your waste disposal arrangements. This will be provided by your registered waste carrier and should accompany any transfer of waste. In the case of regular collections a Multiple Collection Waste Transfer Note can be provided and last up to a year.

You must keep copies of your Waste Transfer Notes for two years and produce copies to the Environment Agency or your local council on demand.

Competitively priced and flexible

We can tailor our service to meet your needs and will offer a competitive price. 

We aim to be as flexible as possible to meet the requirements of many types of business. Some of our existing customers have 1 collection per week while larger companies have waste removed every day.


Waste collections at commercial properties carried out by local authorities are exempt from VAT. So the cost you are quoted is the full amount you will pay.

One-off collections

If you have an accumulation of waste, or some bulky items, we can do one-off collections.

Regular and reliable collection service

This is a local service delivered by a local organisation which supports the local economy and community. You will receive excellent service from a supplier with years of experience.

Recycling collection service

We offer a separate recycling collection service for paper, cardboard, and plastic bottles etc. All items collected on our services are recycled or treated to produce energy.

Choice of bin sizes and collection frequencies

Our service offers a range of bin sizes and collection days, times and frequencies to meet your needs. 

The table below shows the size of the containers we offer and the approximate amount of sacks each container holds.

Bin sizes
Capacity (litre)Approximate sacks held

1100 litre

12-15 bags

770 litre

10-12 bags

360 litre

6 bags

240 litre

4 bags

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For a no-obligation quote ring 0191 427 7000 or email

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