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Waste permit for Recycling Village

How to apply

You can either print off your own permit, or we can post one out to you.

Request a waste permit (print your own)


Or, Request a waste permit (by post)

Please note:

  • A single permit is needed per visit, but you can request up to 3 permits at a time
  • Permits are valid for 28 days starting from the date you specify

Do I need a permit?

You need a permit to take your household waste to the Recycling Village if you use:

  • A van
  • A pick up
  • A tow or trailer

If you're using a car without a trailer, including people carriers and 4x4s, then you don't need a permit- you can just turn up as normal.

The permits are for personal use only, and must only be used by the householder bringing in the waste from their own home. This does not include landlords or property developers, who must make separate arrangements for the disposal of waste arising from properties other than their main residence.

Please note:

  • you must be a resident of South Tyneside to use the Recycling Village
  • vans will not be permitted to enter the site after 5.45pm, to allow the site to be closed at 6pm

Read more about visiting the Recycling Village.

Large vehicles

Any vehicle with a gross weight in excess of 3.5 tonnes, trailers longer than 3 metres, or vehicles higher than 8' 2" (2.5 metres) will not be permitted access to the site for health and safety reasons (this includes Luton-style box vans that are too high to get under the canopy).

Are permits free?

Yes. There is no charge for ordering a permit or printing off your own.

Do I need to print out my permit?

Yes, if you choose the 'print your own' option, please make sure you do print out your permit. We cannot accept permits shown on mobile devices etc. 

Businesses, trades people, landlords

Household Waste Permits have been introduced to make sure that business and trades people, including landlords and property developers, don't use the Recycling Village for disposing of commercial and hazardous waste.

This is illegal, and also costs the Council and taxpayer money to dispose of this waste. If you do bring commercial waste into the Recycling Village, you may be liable for prosecution.

If you do need to dispose of commercial waste, then it can be disposed of at the Middlefields waste transfer station.

Other ways to apply

You can also choose to have your permit delivered by post by calling the customer contact centre, or collect one in person.

By telephone
Call 0191 427 7000 from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, or 9am-1pm Saturday.

In person
Visit the Customer Contact Centre at the Town Hall, Westoe Road, South Shields between 8.30am-5pm Monday to Thursday, or 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday.

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