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Garden waste (green bins)

Garden waste collection service 2018

You can subscribe or renew now for the 2018 garden waste collection service for £30 per bin.

Collection start from 19 March and run until November 2018.

Please note - those who joined the scheme after 1 March 2018 will receive their packs within 15 working days after their payment has been processed, and therefore may not be registered in time to receive all collections for 2018. You should only leave your green bin out for collection once you have received your pack including your bin sticker.

Renew your subscription

You can easily renew your garden waste subscription online. If you need to change your details (name, address, contact information) or the number of bins to be collected, you can do that too.

Renew your subscription

Need a subscription?

If you don't currently have a garden waste subscription, you can easily subscribe online now to the garden waste collection service for 2018.

Subscribe to the service

What happens after I renew or subscribe?

  • You will get a pack in the post before the collections begin, which will include:
    • a letter with your bin collection dates on the reverse
    • terms and conditions
    • a sticker for your green bin(s) - use a permanent marker to put your address on the sticker, then place the sticker on the body of your green bin, below the handle (replacing the previous year's sticker)
  • Your details will be added to a list so the collection crew knows that you have subscribed to the service.
  • You will continue to use your existing green bin. If you do not have a green bin, you will need to buy a new one. You can order a new bin online.

Collection dates

Your green bin will be collected fortnightly from March 2018 to November 2018. 

Collections will start from 19 March 2018. You will get your bin collection dates in the post with your pack, and collection dates will be available online before the collections start, at bin collection dates.

If you wish to join the garden waste scheme, you can do so at any time in the season however you may not be registered in time to receive all collections. The season ends in November.

Not sure of your reference number?

If you provided an email address when you subscribed, we can remind you of your garden waste subscription(s) information via email.

Go to Check your garden waste subscription(s).

On your collection day

On your collection day, please make sure your bin is outside by 7.30am (where the edge of your property meets the footpath / road) and returned to your property on the same day.

What to put in your green bin 

See What to put in your green bin.

Additional bins

You can have as many green bins as you need.

You will need to pay £30 per year for each bin collection. 

You will also need to buy your additional bin(s). You can order a new bin online.

Help moving your bin

If you already get help to put your bin out, this will automatically continue.

If you are physically unable to put your bin out for collection and there is nobody you can call on to help, you can request help to pull your bin out.

Frequently asked questions

For more information, view our Garden waste frequently asked questions.

Terms and conditions

See the Garden waste collection service 2018 terms and conditions.

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