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Garden waste (green bins)

Garden waste collection service 2020

Garden waste collections restarted from Tuesday 12 May 2020

Please check the dates your green bin will be collected and make sure your sticker is placed on your bin.

Please put your bin out for 7.30am as the collection times may change from week to week.

Please store any excess garden waste that won’t fit in the bin until your next collection date. Heavy bins or waste placed at the side of bins won’t be collected.

Disruptions to the garden waste 2020 service

An additional collection date will be added at the end of the 2020 season to compensate for the service disruption this year.

A discounted rate will be offered for the 2021 season, based on the weeks missed already this year and any further disruption which may occur this season.

Subscribe to the garden waste service

You can subscribe for the 2020 garden waste service for £32 per bin.

Subscribe to the garden waste service for 2020

There will be a lead in time from payment to your first collection.

Collection dates

Your green bin will be collected once every 2 weeks.  

The service operates Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

The service runs until November 2020. 

Details of your collection day and date will be contained in your subscription pack.

Bin collection dates are available to view at Bin collection dates.

On your collection day

On your collection day, please make sure your bin is outside by 7.30am (where the edge of your property meets the footpath / road) and returned to your property on the same day.

What to put in your green bin 

See What to put in your green bin.

Help moving your bin

If you already get help to put your bin out, this will automatically continue.

If you are physically unable to put your bin out for collection and there is nobody you can call on to help, you can request help to pull your bin out.

Frequently asked questions

For more information, view our Garden waste service 2020 frequently asked questions.

Terms and conditions

See the Garden waste collection service 2020 terms and conditions.

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