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Bin collection dates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

If your bin has not been collected

Bin collections are currently still running as normal, however some services are delayed. If your bin has not been collected on the scheduled collection day, we ask that you bring it in and then put it out the following day (except Sundays) for 7.30am.

Putting out your bin

Please wash your hands both before and after:

  • Putting waste or recycling into your wheelie bin
  • Putting your wheelie bin in or out for collection

Make sure that you double bag all potentially infected waste (tissues, etc.). Please store these bags for at least 3 days before you place them in your normal grey bin.

Extra waste

We cannot collect extra bags of waste.

Garden waste

Green bin collections have restarted

Recycling Village

The Recycling Village is open, with new restrictions in place

  1. Putting your bin out for collection

    • Put your bin out for collection by 7.30am on your collection day
    • Leave your bin at the edge of your property where our vehicle can get to it
    • Return your bin to a secure place on your property on the same day after collection

    Types of bins

    In South Tyneside there are four bins:

    • Grey bin - for general household waste
    • Blue bin - for recycling like plastic, drinks cans and glass bottles (find out what to put in your blue bin)
    • Green bin - for garden waste like grass cuttings and leaves (find out about subscribing for green bin collections)
    • Blue bin with red lid - households in the trial recycling area will receive an additional recycling bin with a red to recycle paper and card (find out about the recycling trial)

    Check your bin collection dates

    To view and print your bin collection calendar up until April 2021, enter your postcode below then select your address.

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