Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The COVID-19 vaccination is the largest vaccine programme in the history of the NHS.

The vaccines have been through the same regulatory approval process as all other medicines used in this country to make sure they meet strict safety standards and offer high levels of protection.

Research has shown the vaccines help:

  • reduce your risk of getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19
  • reduce your risk of catching or spreading COVID-19
  • protect against COVID-19 variants

For information, visit NHS: Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.


Current eligibility is available at NHS: Who can get the vaccine.

How to get your vaccine

If you are eligible you can:

The vaccine is free of charge on the NHS.

Please be aware of scams. You will not be asked for your bank details or need copies of personal identity documents such as your passport.

Information in other formats 

GOV.UK: COVID-19 vaccination: British Sign Language resources

GOV.UK: COVID-19 vaccination: easy-read leaflets