Local Area Coordination


  1. Overview
  2. What is a Local Area Coordinator
  3. Recruitment

Overview - Our vision for local area coordination

We want everyone in South Tyneside to be part of an empowered and thriving community.

A place where people feel able to contribute to their own community, where they feel welcomed and supported in their daily life.  

To help deliver this vision we're developing a new approach in South Tyneside, called local area coordination. This will help:

  • support people to stay strong and well within their local community
  • grow and develop welcoming and self-supporting communities
  • encourage system change and the transformation of our public services

For more details on how this has worked in other areas, see Local Area Coordination Network.

What is a Local Area Coordinator

A Local Area Coordinator is a skilled and connected worker based in a local community for the community.

Working at a hyper local level they will provide accessible and flexible one-to-one support for people.

They will encourage local residents to recognise their own capabilities, community networks and the practical resources they already have around them, preventing a need in some cases for service intervention.

Coordinators will:

  • be based in specific areas
  • be available to anyone in that area, with no referral or time limit to their help
  • work with individuals and families
  • work with local groups, services, and organisations


We will be recruiting Local Area Coordinators in November 2023 and in early 2024.

If you are interested in this role please keep checking our job page where they will be advertised.