Period Dignity Donation Scheme


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Boxes of free sanitary products are now being launched in leisure buildings across South Tyneside in a bid to help women, girls, and all people that menstruate, who may be struggling with period poverty.

It is hoped the boxes will become self-sustaining, with people encouraged to leave donations for those unable to afford period products. The 'Period Dignity Donation Scheme' boxes will be available in all public toilets in South Tyneside leisure facilities.

Please feel free to take what you need without judgement.

The self-sustaining boxes will be filled with:

  • pads
  • tampons
  • underwear
  • wipes


The scheme relies on a community approach to run successfully. 

Donations can be given directly into the boxes, to Jarrow and South Shields Town Hall receptions, or to any leisure centre reception. 

Any surplus we get will be distributed to voluntary organisations, food banks and community shops as part of ongoing work through the period dignity network. 

Where you can find the boxes

Below are a list of public toilets where you can access the period boxes:

Contact us

For information on how to get involved in the scheme, see support the scheme

For more information, and to find out how you can help raise awareness, please contact: