Holiday Activities and Food (HAF): Information for providers


  1. Types of bids
  2. How to apply
  3. Successful or unsuccessful applications
  4. Documentation for successful applicants

Types of bids

Bids can include costs for:

  • Catering (food and staffing)
  • Premises hire
  • Activity staffing and sundry
  • Initial training (the Council can provide First Aid, Safeguarding training, and food safety training all free of charge. For further food advice please visit the Food Standards Agency website)
  • Any sundry item agreed in advance with the Council which is consistent with the aims of the programme

How to apply

Applications for Summer funding have now closed. 

The next window for funding will be for the school Christmas holidays.

All bids will be considered by a funding panel against criteria based on the information stated in your application form. 

The Council can assist with the provision of catering, but it is not a requirement that you use that service. 

If you wish to discuss any issues regarding food hygiene or allergens please contact the Council's Catering Manager Bridget McCulla on

For more information on the HAF programme, or to discuss any future bids, please contact

Successful or unsuccessful applications

If your application is successful, we will issue a conditional offer. 

If everything meets our requirements, we will confirm the offer and ask you to enter into a short grant agreement. 

If we fund your project you will need to complete HAF monitoring and evaluation, evidencing how the funds were spent and what the impact was (including user-voice). 

If your application is not successful, we will also inform you.  

HAF funding is the giving of public money so it is important that it is used appropriately. HAF funding will not support projects or activities that cannot prove how they will meet the needs of the those who will benefit.

HAF funding cannot be used to fund:

  • Projects which are purely research or not focused on direct delivery
  • Costs of ongoing staff who are not working directly on the project - including salaries of permanent or fixed term staff
  • Costs of putting the application together
  • Contingency costs for example, funds to provide a source of income or for fundraising activities
  • Political or religious activities
  • Projects that take place outside of South Tyneside
  • VAT that you can recover
  • Loans or interest payments
  • Purchase of alcohol or illegal substances

Documentation for successful applicants

Example of the HAF grant agreement

Provider Monitoring Form