Organising a street party for the Coronation


  1. Overview
  2. Preparing for your street party
  3. Talking to neighbours and residents
  4. Larger events
  5. Differences between a street party and a large event
  6. Apply for a road closure
  7. Get involved

Community Funding Grant

Communities in South Tyneside can celebrate the coronation of King Charles III in May with street parties and events through funding from South Tyneside Council.

To apply for the grant see, Community Funding Grant.


Street parties can be an enjoyable way to meet your neighbours and build community spirit. 

If you wish to organise a street party for the Coronation of King Charles and Camilla Queen Consort (6 May 2023) and require a temporary road closure, you will need to let us know which roads will be closed and affected by the street party.

We will need to know as soon as possible but by no later than 01 April 2023.

A team member will contact you and advise if any further information is needed to go ahead with your planning. 

We will then be able to decide if your event qualifies as a small scale community event.

Preparing for your street party

It is important to plan early if you want to organise a small community event.

A risk assessment isn't needed for small street parties but you may wish to think about how you can minimise things going wrong. 

For example: 

  • What would you do if there was bad weather?
  • Can you use plastic plates and cups rather than glass?
  • Have you made sure an adult is in charge of the barbeque, is the barbeque in a safe location?

Insurance cover

You don't need insurance for a small residential street party. However, if you plan on having activities such as bouncy castles, then insurance would be a good idea.

You might find it helpful to go on Streets Alive and The Big Lunch website for further advice.

The costs can always be split between residents, or you could hold a raffle or ask for donations to cover the costs.

Cleaning up afterwards

You will need to clean up after your street party. It's your street, your party, so keep your local area clean and tidy.

Let people know in advance what time the party will finish and have a section set aside for bin bags and recycling.

Talking to neighbours and residents

It's the responsibility of the street party organisers to talk to all residents in the street who will be affected by the event.

The organisers should consider any objections or concerns raised and attempt to come up with a solution.

Larger events

This information doesn't cover larger public events that include activities that need a licence.

If you wish to carry out a 'licensable activity' you will need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). 

Licensable activity includes:

  • selling alcohol
  • providing certain types of entertainment (such as music or dancing)
  • serving hot food or drink after 11pm
  • charging a fee

If you need a TEN or would like to hold a large scale public event, please contact the Council's Licensing Team at for further information and advice.

If raffle tickets are sold before the event with prizes worth more than £500 additional consent will also be required.

Large scale events attracting more than 499 people will require an entirely different process.

For more information on organising an event in South Tyneside, see organising an event.

Differences between street parties and larger events

The main differences between a small private street party and other public events are listed below.

Street parties:

  • are for residents / neighbours only
  • publicity is only to residents
  • are in a quiet residential road, block of flats or local green space
  • licences aren't normally necessary unless the sale of alcohol is involved
  • no formal risk assessment

Larger public events:

  • anyone can attend
  • advertised externally (posters, online)
  • a licence is usually needed
  • insurance is needed
  • risk assessments are common

Apply for a road closure

You may be required to complete an application form to hold a street party.

Some special events require the road to be closed off to general traffic. This would require a temporary road closure.

For more information please contact Lee Grayson at

To view all the road closures for the coronation in the Borough, see Coronation events map.

Get involved on social media

Let us know about your street party or community event by posting on social media using #LST.