Support with family life (early help)


Early Help in South Tyneside is a family-orientated intervention that works closely with families to provide the right support at the right time.

We can support you with any concerns regarding your child/children, such as:

  • behavioural problems with your toddler
  • problems at school
  • any other difficulties you are experiencing

Every family can get information and support to help manage their own lives successfully.

Support available

Being a parent / carer is one of the most important jobs there is and one of the hardest. Parents / carers are the key to providing children with a happy and stable childhood.

If one person in the family has a problem, this may be a child, young person or adult, it may have an effect on the other people in the family. If all of the family is supported it's more likely that things will improve for you.

We hope you will:

  • ask questions and get involved
  • be as open and honest as possible
  • keep appointments where possible
  • let us know if you don't understand or are unhappy about anything

This will help to make sure you get the best possible results for your family.

Getting Early Help support

You can ask for Early Help support, or this may be suggested by someone who you are in contact with like a health visitor, teacher, or GP. It is your choice whether you want this support.

See how to ask for Early Help support.

How it works

To help and support you and keep you informed, one person will be identified as the 'lead'. This person will be chosen by you and the support team.

The 'lead' will be the main contact and will keep you informed with what's happening. They will listen to your views and support you during the process. This is the person you can call if you have any queries or are unhappy about anything.

Step 1: Talking with you

You and a support officer will sit and complete an Early Help assessment.

This will identify any help or support for you and your family. The completed form means that you don't have to repeat your story to different support people.

Step 2: The plan

A one-to-one meeting will be arranged for you and support workers.

At this meeting, what kind of support available to you is discussed and a plan of how to help is agreed. This will outline who does what and when.

Step 3: The review

A group meeting with you and support workers will be held to discuss how things are going and if anything needs to change. This will continue as long as needed, making sure the plan is suitable for you and your family.

You will be involved every step of the way.

Ask for Early Help support

If you think an Early Help Assessment could support you and your family please call 0191 424 6210.

If you are a professional wanting to make a referral for a family, please complete a Multi-Agency Referral Form