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Targeted support (SEN and Disabilities)


  1. Overview
  2. Universal support
  3. Targeted support
  4. Specialist and social care support

Targeted support

You may feel you need additional support to:

  • help your child to access universal or community services
  • help your family to care safely for your child
  • get help with a specific need

You can request support for a specific service, or to support your child / young person with a specific need.

This is known as 'targeted support'.

These services support children and families to stay together safely and thrive. 

Types of support available

You may be able to access:

  • Support with family life (Early Help)
  • Advice and support with parenting
  • Support for your child / young person to go out and do the things other people their age do
  • Support within your home for your child / young person
  • Help to go out as a family because you are unable to do so without support for your child / young person

How to access these services

Some services will have eligibility criteria that you will need to meet to be able to access the service.

We may need to carry out an assessment to see what support you need.

The support you will get will depend on the needs of your child / young person and your family.  

To access these services you can:

  • Ask for Early Help Support
  • Ask your GP for support with health needs
  • Ask for advice from the Contact and Referral Team on 0191 424 5010


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