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Improvements to the A194 (Leam Lane)


  1. Overview
  2. Aims
  3. Improvements to all areas
  4. Whitemare Pool roundabout improvements
  5. Mill Lane roundabout improvements
  6. Roman Road slip road improvements
  7. Timeline
  8. Roadworks
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Work is planned to improve the A194 (Leam Lane) in South Tyneside, between Whitemare Pool roundabout and Lindisfarne roundabout. 

As well as general improvements, specific work will take place at three parts of the road: 

  • Whitemare Pool roundabout 
  • Mill Lane roundabout 
  • Roman Road slip road 

We have worked with Highways England to identify the need for improvements. South Tyneside Council will carry out the work. 

We have secured funding from central Government to carry out this work.


Overall, the work aims to: 

  • improve journey times travelling in and out of South Tyneside
  • improve the traffic flow when travelling in and out of South Tyneside
  • increase safety
  • reduce congestion
  • improve air quality

The improvements will also increase the efficiency of other nearby roads. 

Improvements to all areas

Between Whitemare Pool roundabout (junction of A194 and A184) and Lindisfarne roundabout (junction of A194 and A19), we will: 

  • upgrade the safety barriers
  • resurface the road
  • make drainage improvements
  • make street lighting improvements

See below for details of specific improvements to each section of the road. 

Whitemare Pool roundabout


Whitemare Pool roundabout is located on the junction of the A184 and A194.


Improvements to the A194 near the Whitemare Pool roundabout will include: 

  • increase length of south-westbound third lane by 200 metres (when travelling towards the roundabout) 
  • remove layby (unused bus stop) on the south-westbound approach to the roundabout
  • optimise traffic signal timings

Mill Lane roundabout


Mill Lane roundabout is located on the junction of the A194 and Mill Lane (B1306). It is just after Whitemare Pool roundabout, when travelling eastbound towards South Shields on the A194. 


Improvements to the A194 near the Mill Lane roundabout will include: 

  • increase length of westbound third lane by 70 metres (when travelling towards the roundabout) 
  • increase length of eastbound third lane by 110 metres (when travelling towards the roundabout)
  • install traffic signals on the westbound approach to the roundabout
  • introduce a signalled crossing for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders, on the eastern side of the roundabout (the timings for safe crossing will coordinate with the traffic signals and will not disrupt traffic flow)

South Tyneside Council recently installed some traffic signals on this roundabout, with the plan to install full signals in the future. Now we have secured more funding, we can install full traffic signals. This will improve the traffic flow and safety of the roundabout. 

Roman Road slip road 


Roman Road slip road is located near Fellgate. It is just after Mill Lane roundabout, when travelling eastbound towards South Shields on the A194. 


Improvements to the A194 and Roman Road slip road will include: 

  • create two lanes (instead of current single lane) on the A194 near the Roman Road slip road, by making changes to the road markings 
  • make small layout changes to the bus stop and give way system on the Roman Road slip road 
  • upgrade existing signs


Work started in July 2021, and should take approximately six months.


Any disruption will be infrequent, and will not take place during peak times. 

We will maintain two lanes of traffic in both directions where possible.

We have timed this work to start over the school summer holidays. This is a time when there is usually less traffic on the roads.

We have also timed this work to take place when other nearby road improvement works will not be affected. Testos construction is at an advanced stage, so the A194 diversion route should not be needed soon. The Albert Road work is due to be completed by the end of summer.

Contact us

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