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Set up an established volunteer group: Appeals and complaints


  1. Overview
  2. Apply to set up a new group
  3. Stage 1 application process
  4. Stage 2 application process
  5. Holding events and activities
  6. Aims and objectives for the area
  7. Code of conduct
  8. Support from the Council
  9. Green Space Forum
  10. Disbanding a group
  11. Appeals or complaints
  12. Key contacts

Appeals and complaints

If you are not successful in either stage 1 or stage 2 of the application process, the Community Engagement Officer will tell you the reason for this.

Groups can formally appeal any decision as part of the application process.

Any appeals must be sent to the Council in writing and within 28 days from the original decision date.

The appeal will be heard by an independent panel of Elected Members and officers and a decision will be made within 28 days of the appeal being made.

The Council has a formal complaints procedure, which should be followed for any complaints related to the application process or volunteering in general.

For more information see complaints.

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