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Set up an established volunteer group: Green Space Forum


  1. Overview
  2. Apply to set up a new group
  3. Stage 1 application process
  4. Stage 2 application process
  5. Holding events and activities
  6. Aims and objectives for the area
  7. Code of conduct
  8. Support from the Council
  9. Green Space Forum
  10. Disbanding a group
  11. Appeals or complaints
  12. Key contacts

Green Space Forum

The Green Space Forum is a meeting you can attend, which takes place twice a month.

Groundwork chair the meeting.

Representatives from volunteer groups and South Tyneside Council officers attend the meeting.

The meetings are informal and friendly.

They provide groups and the Council the opportunity to:

  • share ideas and advice
  • receive support
  • discuss priorities and objectives
  • stay in touch with each other

For more information, please contact the Community Engagement Officer.

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