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Community Trigger Requests: When the process can be used


  1. Overview
  2. When the process can be used
  3. Make a Community Trigger Request
  4. Numbers of Community Trigger Requests received

When the process can be used

You can ask for your case to be reviewed under the Community Trigger process if:

  • You have made 3 or more complaints about the same problem in the past 6 months, and 'no action' has been taken by the appropriate organisation
  • 5 different people have complained about the same problem in the past 6 months, and 'no action' has been taken by the appropriate organisation
  • One of the victims has been identified as 'high-risk' within the last 6 months

What is meant by 'no action'

'No action' has been taken if:

  • You did not get an initial acknowledgement of your complaint
  • You have had no contact from the organisation after your initial complaint
  • The anti-social behaviour problem you reported was not investigated
  • You were not informed about the outcome of the case, or that a decision was made to close your case

When your case will not be considered

Your case will not be considering under the Community Trigger process if:

  • Your report has been investigated but the problems and the investigation is ongoing, or
  • You are unhappy with the service you have received

In these cases, you should follow the complaints procedure for the organisation you reported the problem to.

For problems reported to South Tyneside Council, see South Tyneside Council complaints.

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