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Community Trigger Requests: Make a request


  1. Overview
  2. When the process can be used
  3. Make a Community Trigger Request
  4. Numbers of Community Trigger Requests received

Make a Community Trigger Request

You can make a Community Trigger Request by emailing

How we will deal with your request

We will acknowledge your request within 3 working days.

We may need to ask you for more information, and we may need to carry out a risk assessment.

We will then request information from all relevant organisations. Organisations must provide any information relating to case within 10 working days.

We will then review the information provided, and let you know within 5 days if your complaint meets the criteria for the Community Trigger process.

If your case does not meet the criteria

If the case does not meet the criteria, we will let you know how you can appeal if you would like to do so.

If you appeal and the original decision is upheld, or if you are unhappy with the service you received, you should follow the complaints procedure for the organisation you reported the problem to.

For problems reported to South Tyneside Council, see South Tyneside Council complaints.

If your case does meet the criteria

If your case does meet the criteria, we will bring together a panel within 5 working days to discuss your case and the actions taken to resolve the issues. 

The panel will be chaired by an officer from South Tyneside Council's Community Safety Team.

It will involve the most appropriate agencies involved in the case.

If the perpetrator involved in the case is under 18, the Youth Offending Team will be invited to contribute to the panel.

We may also need to refer the case to the Safer Neighbourhood Tasking Group.

If appropriate, we will develop an action plan to support you and help to resolve the issues.

The decision and actions from the panel

We will let you know the decision of the panel and any agreed actions within 3 days.

We will also let the Police and Crime Commissioner and Community Safety Board know about the outcome of the case.

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