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COVID Winter Grant Scheme

  1. Overview
  2. Who the scheme is for
  3. How the scheme is helping
  4. If you need support


A COVID Winter Grant Scheme has been launched by the government to support those most in need during the winter months.

South Tyneside Council is administering the scheme for South Tyneside residents. 

Who the scheme is for

The scheme can provide help for: 

  • vulnerable families with children
  • other vulnerable households 
  • people who are particularly affected by the pandemic and don't have any other sources of help

The focus is on support for vulnerable households with children over winter, to help with: 

  • food
  • energy
  • water 
  • associated costs

Some of the funding is available for vulnerable households without children (including individuals) so that no vulnerable household is excluded.

How the scheme is helping

We have already worked with schools and South Tyneside College to give supermarket vouchers to over 9,000 children and young people who are eligible for free school meals, including pre-school children. 

Supermarket vouchers were provided to families entitled to benefits-related free school meals for two weeks at Christmas, and for the February half term week. Each voucher had a value of £15 per child, per week.

A £25 voucher was provided for each eligible child in March 2021. This voucher was to support families with the cost of food at a time when household bills are higher than usual, and because many families have extra pressure on the family budget due to COVID-19.

We are also working on a project to support families and individuals with essential household costs such as gas, electricity and water.

If you need support

There is support available:

See more information about support.

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