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Children in care: Our promise to you

All of the people who are involved in your care want you to be safe, happy and achieve your aims.

As corporate parents, the Council promises to always try to make decisions with you rather than for you and make sure you are listened to and that your point of view is understood.

The Council as corporate parents promises to:

  • Do the best we can for you
  • Do all that we can to make sure you feel safe and happy in any placement you are in
  • Ask adults to listen to your views
  • Support MAGIC (Children in Care Council) to represent the things you want to say
  • Provide you with the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Make sure you are visited by your Independent Reviewing Officer in private and in a place where you are comfortable
  • Make sure you are supported by your carers to help you keep things that are important to you
  • Give you a good education and make sure you have everything you need for school and college
  • Give you good hopes for the future and support you to try and achieve them
  • Help you grow and learn how to look after yourself in your future life

As corporate parents the Council will do their best to:

  • Make sure you are supported to develop good relationships with your carer
  • Make sure, when it is safe to do so, you keep in touch with people who are important to you
  • Make sure you are not living too far away from your family and friends
  • Make sure you are supported with training and employment choices
  • Help you fulfil your ambitions for yourself for the future

In addition to this the Care Leavers Charter has been developed which promises that South Tyneside Council will:

  • Respect and honour your identity - support you to develop your own identity and maintain contact with your birth family
  • Believe in you - keep believing in you and encourage your aspirations
  • Listen to you - listen to your views and opinions and if you can't do something, be honest with you and explain the reasons why
  • Inform you - keep you informed and give you the information that you need at different points in your life
  • Support you - by being there for you and will not judge you at times of crisis
  • Help you find a home - whether this is staying in foster placement beyond 18, returning home to your birth family or living independently
  • Be your life long champion - help you to understand what is happening when you leave care and guide you on the right path

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