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Boldon and Tilesheds level crossings (BTLC)


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Proposed 'road over rail' bridge option

The proposed bridge option is subject to comment and feedback from the general public, interested stakeholders and elected ward members; this proposal is subject to a planning application.

These pages will be updated throughout the course of this proposal.


There are road safety concerns at both Tilesheds and Boldon level crossings.

The concerns are due to misuse of the current half barrier system, which has led to several serious road traffic accidents over the years. 

To help resolve the road safety problem, Network Rail are planning to install a full barrier system in 2024 to replace the current half barrier system.

An alternative solution to this is being explored by South Tyneside Council. This solution is in the form of a proposed new road bridge, which would go over the rail lines. The bridge option means the two level crossings could close, the road safety risk with the level crossings would be removed and any future congestion problems alleviated.

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