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Book a fitness class: Default marks on your account


  1. Book a fitness class
  2. When sessions become available
  3. Back-to-back sessions
  4. Alerts and notifications
  5. Cancelling a booking
  6. Default marks on your account
  7. Help to log in to your account

Default marks on your account

You will get a 'default mark' on your account if:

  • You fail to attend a session
  • You cancel your place on a session within 3 hours of the session start time

Restrictions on your account

If you get 3 or more default marks in a calendar month, your account may be restricted.

We reserve the right to apply the following restrictions to your account:

Restrictions to your leisure account Restrictions to your account
Duo, multi members and 30-day pass holdersYou won't be able to access online bookings for 14 days.
Get Active card holders and non-membersYou won't be able to book sessions in advance for 14 days. You will only be able to attend a session if there are spaces on the day.


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