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Book a gym, swim or fitness session: Alerts and notifications

Visiting our leisure centres

Our leisure centres are open.

You must book before coming to a centre.

Visiting our leisure centres


  1. Book a gym, swim or fitness session
  2. When sessions become available
  3. Back-to-back sessions
  4. Alerts and notifications
  5. Cancelling a booking
  6. Default marks on your account
  7. Help to log in to your account

Alert and notifications

Get an alert if a place becomes available

If a session is fully booked, you can ask to get an alert by text or email if a place becomes available.  

When you receive an alert, you will be asked to log in to book the available place. 

The first person to book the available place will be booked onto the session.

If you don't book the place, you will continue to get alerts if more places become available.

You can cancel an alert at any time by logging in online (for members), or by phoning one of our leisure centres (for non-members).


You will get an email or text from us when you book or cancel a session.

We will also let you know if a session you are booked on is cancelled.

To change how you receive alerts, or to update your contact details, please phone one of our leisure centres.

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