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Recycling Village: Businesses and tradespeople


  1. Important information before you visit
  2. Which days you can visit
  3. Which vehicles can visit 
  4. Permits
  5. Types of waste you can bring
  6. Opening times
  7. Getting here
  8. Businesses and tradespeople
  9. Shop

Businesses and tradespeople

The Recycling Village is for personal use only.

Businesses and tradespeople (including landlords and property developers), cannot use the Recycling Village for disposing of commercial or hazardous waste.

This is illegal, and costs the Council and taxpayer money to dispose of this waste. If you do bring commercial waste into the Recycling Village, you may be liable for prosecution.

If you need to dispose of commercial waste, it can be disposed of at the Middlefields waste transfer station, call 0191 427 7000. 

See more about commercial waste.

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