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Which vehicles can visit the Recycling Village


  1. Important information before you visit
  2. Which days you can visit
  3. Which vehicles can visit 
  4. Permits
  5. Types of waste you can bring
  6. Opening times
  7. Getting here
  8. Businesses and tradespeople
  9. Shop

Which vehicles can visit

The Recycling Village is open during the national lockdown from 5 November 2020.

The type of vehicle you drive affects if you can visit the Recycling Village and if you need to get a permit.

From Wednesday 18 November, you can visit the Recycling Village if you have a large van between 8.30am to 10.30am. You will need a permit. The odd and even vehicle number plate system will still apply.

Vehicles that can visit without a permit

  • cars
  • estates and people carriers
  • 4x4 vehicles
  • registered mobility / wheelchair accessible vehicles under 5.5 metres

Vehicles that can visit with a permit

  • car-derived vans - for a description of what this means, visit GOV.UK: Car-derived vans 
  • 4x4 vehicles with rear panels in the place of windows or no rear seats
  • pickups with a rear flatbed (covered or uncovered)
  • cars with trailers (the entire length of the trailer should be no more than 3 metres)
  • vans (can visit between 8.30am to 10.30am)

See how to get a permit

Vehicles that are not allowed on site

  • minibuses 
  • campervans
  • flat bed trucks
  • horseboxes
  • agricultural vehicles

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