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Which days you can visit the Recycling Village


  1. Important information before you visit
  2. Which days you can visit
  3. Which vehicles can visit 
  4. Permits 
  5. Types of waste you can bring
  6. Opening times
  7. Getting here
  8. Businesses and tradespeople
  9. Shop

Which days you can visit

The Recycling Village is open during the national lockdown from 5 November 2020. 

You can visit the Recycling Village on certain days depending on your vehicle number plate. 

This is a temporary system to help manage traffic and reduce queuing.

If the last number of your vehicle number plate is 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 this is an even number plate. For example:

  • RL34 JGS (last number is 4)
  • V952 GHD (last number is 2)
  • PRIV8 A0 (last number is 0)

If the last number of your vehicle number plate is 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 this is an odd number plate. For example:

  • GJ25 HJK (last number is 5)
  • Y247 NJF (last number is 7)
  • PRIV8 A3 (last number is 3)

Please only visit on the days shown below.

DateLast number of vehicle number plate
Friday 27 NovemberOdd
Saturday 28 NovemberEven
Sunday 29 NovemberOdd
Monday 30 NovemberEven
Tuesday 1 DecemberOdd
Wednesday 2 DecemberEven
Thursday 3 DecemberOdd
Friday 4 DecemberEven
Saturday 5 DecemberOdd
Sunday 6 DecemberEven
Monday 7 DecemberOdd
Tuesday 8 DecemberEven
Wednesday 9 DecemberOdd
Thursday 10 DecemberEven
Friday 11 DecemberOdd
Saturday 12 DecemberEven
Sunday 13 DecemberOdd
Monday 14 DecemberEven
Tuesday 15 DecemberOdd
Wednesday 16 DecemberEven
Thursday 17 DecemberOdd
Friday 18 DecemberEven
Saturday 19 DecemberOdd
Sunday 20 December


Monday 21 DecemberOdd
Tuesday 22 DecemberEven
Wednesday 23 DecemberOdd
Thursday 24 DecemberEven
Friday 25 DecemberClosed
Saturday 26 DecemberEven
Sunday 27 DecemberOdd
Monday 28 DecemberEven
Tuesday 29 DecemberOdd
Wednesday 30 DecemberEven
Thursday 31 DecemberOdd

Hire vehicles

If you are hiring a vehicle for the day and do not know the number plate until you collect the vehicle, you can visit the Recycling Village on any day. 

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