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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Children's centres and early years

Phased reopening of STANLEY's Daycare Centres

We have been working to make sure all our centres can open in line with the government guidelines. We are operating a phased opening. 

The following STANLEY's Daycare Centres will open to all children, including critical workers and vulnerable children:

From Monday 8 June 2020:

From Monday 22 June 2020:

From Monday 29 June 2020:

Parents and carers of children who attend these centres have been contacted and are aware of the new arrangements on site, including their child's pickup and drop off times.

We aim to open all remaining STANLEY's Daycare Centres in the coming weeks. Parents will be contacted by their child's Daycare Manager to inform them of date and time to start placement.

If you have any queries, advice or concerns, please contact your child's Daycare Centre and the Daycare Manager will advise. Please do not turn up uninvited to a centre.  

We are looking forward to welcoming all children back.

    Private day nurseries, pre-schools and childminders

    A number of our private day nurseries and pre-schools are remaining open in line with Government guidance, to support key worker families and vulnerable children. Including: 

    There are also a small number of childminders open.

    Families and or professionals requesting childcare are asked to contact the settings direct to discuss their individual requirements or they can email our family information service on

    Children's centres 

    As of 24 March 2020, most children's centres are closed. 

    The following centres are currently open:

    • Horsley Hill Children's Centre and STANLEY's day care (0191 456 9404)
    • Boldon Children's Centre and STANLEY's day care (0191 519 5920)
    • Primrose Children's Centre and STANLEY's day care (0191 424 4900)
    • All Saints Children's Centre and STANLEY's day care (0191 420 7657)
    • Bede Children's Centre and STANLEY's day care (0191 422 0030)
    • Biddick Hall & Whiteleas Children's Centre and STANLEY's day care (0191 423 4980)
    • Hebburn Children's Centre and STANLEY's day care (0191 428 7650)
    • Marine Park Children's Centre and STANLEY's day care (0191 456 5418)
    • Ridgeway Children's Centre and STANLEY's day care (0191 456 7751)
    • Riverside Children's Centre and STANLEY's day care (0191 423 4971)

    All events and activities at children's centres are currently cancelled. 

    Families Information Service

    All queries will be now be responded to via email:

    Information for parents and carers

    For information about education at home, visit GOV.UK: Help children aged 2 to 4 to learn at home during coronavirus

    For information about the closure of educational settings, visit GOV.UK: What parents and carers need to know about schools, colleges and other education settings during the coronavirus outbreak.  

    For the latest Government information for critical workers visit: GOV.UK: Guidance for critical workers who can access schools or educational settings.

    Information for providers

    For recent guidance and support for providers on preparing to open for all children, see: 

    See South Tyneside Council's frequently asked questions for information for providers about children's centres and early years.

    You can also look at the Department for Education's coronavirus guidance online at: GOV.UK: Guidance for schools and other educational settings.

    Providers and childminders can also access financial help. You can view the Government guidance on available funding and financial support for education, early years and children's social care.

    If your childcare setting is open, you can view guidance on how to implement social distancing measures.

    Read the letter from Vicky Ford to early years and childcare providers in England (24 March 2020).

    Department for Education coronavirus helpline

    The Department for Education has a coronavirus helpline which is available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education and children's social care.

    Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline.

    Call 0800 046 8687 (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday)

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