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In 2004, Alexander and his sister began to create the show "Matricks" and have come a long way since.

They appeared on ITV's 'Keep It In The Family' with Bradley Walsh, where Alex and Emily perplexed millions with their original set pieces. 

As well as bewildering audiences across the UK and internationally, Matricks combines elements of danger, comedy and charm. What makes Matricks truly dynamic is the contrast between set pieces; stylish fast paced magic and illusion with dance using current music and special effects.

The show is designed to balance comedy and light heartedness with curiosity, mystery and thrill!

The show continues to develop each year and thrive. They are passionate and always working on new ideas, including designing their own unique props. They are able to delight and excite audiences with a blend of the new and traditional, including the use of technology and special lighting effects within the illusions and production that give the show a modern unique feel.

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